Mega 101

We recommend that all Studio 3 clients start with a Mega 101 class. Trust us, this will not be an easy "“beginner” session, but will make sure you are comfortable with how to use the Megaformer in all of our class options. During this class, you will run through a set of signature Megaformer moves, while also focusing on safety, alignment and how to master the transitions between movements.


Mega+ Is a low impact but intense full body conditioning class utilizing the Lagree Megaformer. You will tone, strengthen, elongate, increase flexibility and alignment and rev up the metabolism. Expect for this class to exhaust your muscles to failure and leave you stronger both mentally and physically after just a few sessions.

Mega + Row

Mega + Row is the perfect mix of the strength training you love from the Megaformer and heart pounding, low impact cardio from our water rowers. This class will leave you feeling like you have worked your entire body and torched a ton of calories.

Row + TRX

Row + TRX is a fast paced total body workout. Expect 50 minutes of high intensity, non stop cardio and strength utilizing our water rowers and TRX. You will leave this class feeling like you just completed a marathon.