Out Mission:

Our Mission is to provide the premier fusion fitness studio in St. Louis utilizing the megaformer, water rowers, TRX and other tools to create an effective low impact yet high intensity workout.

Our workouts are results based, FUN, always new and accessible to everyone.  When you walk through our doors, you can expect well trained staff and a warm and friendly environment where you feel welcome, successful and accepted regardless of your shape, size, age or ability. 

This workout is for everyBODY!


Our Team


Cari alleN

Cari found her love of fitness in high school when she began teaching classes early in the morning before school. After college, her love of fitness evolved to include endurance sports. She has completed an Ironman and numerous marathons including the Boston Marathon. Cari fell in love with the Lagree Method because, after years of pounding her body, she welcomed the intense challenge of the Megaformer, without the impact to her joints. Since Cari loves a good amount of heart-pounding cardio, she couldn't launch Studio 3 without adding rowing. She loves creating an environment where all fitness levels are welcomed and challenged.


Anne Parrott

Anne is a former ballerina. After having to quit pursuing ballet as a career due to back injuries, Anne found a love for healthy, safe exercise. She is a former instructor at The Dailey Method and is Lagree Certified. Her love for the body and the mechanics of how it works, has helped her find passion in fitness. She is committed to help people of all fitness levels achieve their goals in a safe, healthy manner. Anne is grateful to have found the Megaformer and loves that it offers an intense, healthy and safe workout. Her top Megaformer moves are Reverse Kneeling crunch, Twisted Plank to Pike and Spider Lunge.


Larry Demasi

Larry is originally from Cincinnati, OH and moved to St. Louis two years ago for his full-time job. In addition to Studio 3, Larry teaches indoor cycling at CYCLEBAR and loves lifting weights and going for runs in the park. Larry loves to motivate his students to push to the max and blare really fun dance music in all of his classes (you are almost always guaranteed to hear Arianna Grande or Lady Gaga in his classes). When Larry is not teaching or working out, he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, shopping and drinking lots of wine.


Secily Adams

Secily loves everything about group exercise and the Lagree method. There is no better way to work out than finding that shake surrounded by friends and a supportive community. Whether it is your first-time or you are an experienced athlete, you will leave her class with a smile on your face and feel a sense of accomplishment. She believes that life is all about balance, so take her class, and treat yourself afterward! Fitness is fun, and Secily wants you to feel that each time you take a class with her. When Secily isn't teaching or working her full time job, she is traveling with her husband or on the couch with her dog, Stella.


Kaycee Veilleux

Kaycee has been a Certified personal trainer for 7 years and she recently completed 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). She is a busy wife and mama of 2 adorable kiddos. She teaches Mega+Row and TRX+Row. Her classes are fun and creative and will always keep you guessing what move is coming your way next. What you should know about her classes is the energy will be high and the music will be banging!


Amy Reiland

When Amy was in her mid 20s, she started to feel the effects of degenerative disc disease, and had her first neck surgery at 30. She first turned to yoga, which helped immensely. Soon after, she quit her full time career and pursued teaching yoga. As Amy dove deeper into the fitness world, she discovered the Megaformer and practice of the Lagree Method. Never before had she experienced such quick results - she was immediately addicted. Outside of teaching, Amy is married and has a daughter and step daughter. She loves figure skating, party planning, dirty jokes and traveling. Watch out for Amy’s favorite move.. the Giant Reverse Twisted Plank to Pike!


Natalie Kaczmarczyk

Natalie is a Certified NASM personal trainer, Lagree instructor and teaches indoor cycling at CYCLEBAR. Growing up an athlete, and picking up group fitness and running after college, Natalie made a leap into the fitness industry after falling in love with indoor cycling and the Megaformer 2 years ago. As an advocate for body positivity and honoring your body through movement and good food, she hopes to inspire others to form a positive relationship with self, while sharing that mentality with those around them. With bachelor’s degrees in Advertising/PR and Graphic Design from Loyola University Chicago, she continues to use her degree as a freelance graphic designer. Born and raised in Cleveland, Natalie spends her free time traveling the Midwest to visit family and friends. If you want to talk sports (particularly Cleveland sports), she is your girl.


Mary Mack

Mary grew up as a dancer in Central Illinois, so anything that relates back to that in fitness is something she can leap in to! She is certified and teaches the Lagree Method on the Megaformer, as well as Barre at Core 3 and is trained in TRX. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing clients’ form improve and watching them get stronger and slower in the movements the more they come to class (her second favorite thing is putting together playlists that will distract them from the shaking)! Outside of teaching, She works full time in digital marketing & is a freelance writer—putting that journalism degree to use for more than just corny jokes every time she puts the “newspaper” move in a routine! When she’s not working or teaching, she loves reading, cooking, Christmas and relaxing with her husband and her handsome and perfect corgi, Dexter.


Sarah VanSlette

Sarah was first certified as a spinning instructor when she was just a college student, and now she teaches college students as a professor at SIUE. Through graduate school she taught spinning at 2 Big Ten Universities (Purdue University and Michigan State) before moving back to St. Louis. Sarah fell in love with the Lagree method because it is a high intensity, low impact workout that left her more sore than any other workout she had tried. She knew the Megaformer would challenge her in new ways, and thinks Studio 3 is a great one-stop studio with class options for people of all fitness levels and abilities.


Madeline Gilje

Madeline is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing Lagree since 2016. She loves the versatility and challenges a Megaformer presents, and is thrilled to be teaching at Studio 3. When Madeline is not practicing yoga or getting on the Megaformer. She is often found walking dogs or snuggling with hers.

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