Welcome to Studio 3 STL in St. Louis, Missouri! Are you looking for a challenge? Then You’ve come to the right place! Studio 3 STL classes will lead you through a comprehensive, full body workout that is fun, results based, low impact and better than your ordinary gym! Each 50 minute workout is expertly crafted using our Lagree Megaformers, Water Rowers, TRX and other tools to torch major calories and bring RESULTS while being kind to your body.

Not only do we provide amazing workouts but our community and instructors are encouraging and non judgmental. Book your first class for FREE today and see for yourself why everyone is falling in love with our workouts and community.


Working out on the Lagree Megaformer provides a low impact, but very intense, full body class. Tone, strengthen and lengthen in order to rev up your metabolism.

Megaformer + Row

You will get the perfect combination of strength training and low impact cardio when the Megaformer meets the water rower in our Mega+Row classes.

Row + TRX

The TRX Trainer challenges your core and raises your endurance when paired with the water rower. Use gravity and your bodyweight to perform fast, effective full-body exercises.

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The Studio 3 STL Mission:

Our Mission is to provide the premier fusion fitness studio in St. Louis utilizing the megaformer, water rowers, TRX and other tools to create an effective low impact yet high intensity workout.

Our workouts are results based, FUN, always new and accessible to everyone.  When you walk through our doors, you can expect well trained staff and a warm and friendly environment where you feel welcome, successful and accepted regardless of your shape, size, age or ability. 

This workout is for everyBODY!